Nao Polman Ishizaka|The Partner of SHOKUDO

Nao Polman Ishizaka|The Partner of SHOKUDO
24/01/2021 SHOKUDO
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We introduce you Nao Polman Ishizaka who creates Vegetalian/Vegan Recipes for SHOKUDO!

Nao Polman Ishizaka lives in Amsterdam. Educated Nutrition in Tokyo and Fine art in Utrecht. (HKU: Bachelor)

While working as a cook in Tokyo and Amsterdam, she learned eastern medicine Yin-Yang diet from Kyoko-Onishi for seven years.

In 2020, She established her company “Nanohana” for online sessions by creating personalise recipes for the eating and tips for to be in the physical condition that the person wants to be.

Her method from all her Japan & The Netherlands life experiences, western nutrition and eastern medicine Yin-Yang diet sturdy and cooking job. She is sometimes giving online vegetarian cooking classes as well.