Tawashi (Scrubber Brush) S

Tawashi (Scrubber Brush) S


Tawashi is a traditional scrubbing brush for wet cleaning, very populair used in Japan. Tawashi is made from natural plant fiber, it can be used to remove dirt and grime from everything from kitchen utensils to the bathtub. Also, It can be used for removing mud from vegetables like carrots or potatos because the softness of palms does not impair dietary fiber and umami. The more you use this scrubbing brush, the more keenly you feel its durability.

Product of ‘KAMENOKO TAWASHI’ made in Japan
W8 × L10 x D5cm
Materials: Natural Plant Fiber
Heatresistant Temperature:90°c

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Tawashi (Scrubber Brush) S

Tawashi (Scrubber Brush) L
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Kamenoko Tawashi was found for more than 100 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. The Kamenoko Tawashi is the most recognized brand of Japanese scrubber. It comes in an orange packaging with a cute little turtle on the front.