Starting in June 2024, we will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and open from Wednesday to Sunday.


We will offer a new dining experience at SHOKUDO! From now you can enjoy a traditional noodle dish from Yamanashi, the prefecture in Japan where our co-owner Keiji is from.

It is called Houtou and we created this dish specifically for our valued customers to give them the opportunity to try a typical Japanese taste!

Houtou is made with special wheat flat noodles, that are hand made by our chef, mixed with pumpkins and other fresh vegetables in a delicious homemade miso soup. Houtou is served with tender chicken meat or, for a vegan option, you can choose fried tofu instead of chicken.

Houtou is offered as a set menu for 2 people and includes 2 side dishes of your choice from our regular menu. The total price for this satisfying meal for 2 is 50 euro.

Houtou set menu for 2 people : €50

Choice of Chicken or Vegan(Fried tofu) for Houtou

Includes 2 side dishes of your choice

The Houtou menu has a limited availability so making a reservation in advance for this dish is necessary!

The seasonal houtou set menu is no longer available to order, since it is currently out of season.

In 2007, Houtou was selected by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as one of the “100 Best Local Dishes of Agriculture, Mountains and Fishing Villages”.