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【TASTE of JAPAN】27 November 2021

Ontdek de wereld van sake en authentieke Japanse cuisine!

– Een avond vol unieke Japanse smaken –

Op 27 november organiseert SHOKUDO een echte Taste of Japan Sake proeverij! Voor deze speciale gelegenheid komt een sake-sommelier van OTEMBA SAKE (Amsterdam) langs om uitleg te geven over deze drank. Je kunt op deze avond vijf soorten sake proeven en genieten van een bijpassende Japanse maaltijd geserveerd in een authentieke bento-box.

Je kunt nu reserveren. Er zijn twee tijdvakken: een van 16.00 tot 17.45 uur en een van 18.15 tot 20.00 uur. Per tijdvak is er plek voor twaalf deelnemers, dus wees er snel bij. De voertaal van de avond is Nederlands, maar de sommelier spreekt ook Engels en Japans. De kosten voor dit all-in event bedragen 65 euro per persoon. We kijken er naar uit je te verwelkomen bij SHOKUDO om de wereld van Sake te verkennen!


In English

On November 27, SHOKUDO will organize a Sake Tasting event! For this special occasion, a sake sommelier from OTEMBA SAKE (Amsterdam) will come by to explain everything there is to know about different types of sake. You can try five kinds of sake this evening and enjoy a matching Japanese meal served in an authentic bento box.

You can now make a reservation. There are two time slots: one from 4pm to 5.45pm and one from 6.15pm to 8pm. There is room for twelve participants per time slot, so be quick. Although the event will be mostly in Dutch, the sommelier can explain in English and Japanese as well. The cost for this all-in event is 65 euros per person. We look forward to welcoming you to SHOKUDO to explore the world of Sake! 

Sake Tasting by OTEMBA SAKE


Otemba sake is een bedrijf in Amsterdam dat authentieke sake uit Japan naar Nederland importeert . Zij verkopen deze sake in hun webshop en organiseren evenementen om mensen in Nederland kennis te laten maken met verschillende soorten sake.

In Japan zijn er meer dan 1000 brouwerijen met meer dan 10.000 verschillende soorten sake. Veel van deze brouwerijen zijn al generaties lang familiebrouwerijen en brouwen op een manier die past bij hun specifieke regio en omstandigheid (klimaat, rijstsoort, gist en vele andere factoren).

Selection of five different types of sake

1. Tsukino Katsura Yanagi Junmai Ginjo / Alc.16%
This gem by Masuda Tokubei Shoten is full of the rich flavors and deep tastes unique to Ginjo-sakes. It is a crisp and dry sake (Tanrei-Karakuchi style) with a unique touch.
Remarks: A special sake that has been selected for a 4-star restaurant in New York and by Lufthansa as the in-flight premium sake.

2. Tsukino Katsura Nigori Sparkling Honjozo / Alc.17%
Also known as the champagne of rice, this is a bubbly sake with fruity aromas, a refreshing acidity and a pleasant finish. This is a sparkling sake made from their Honjozo sake.
Remarks: After cloudy sake was prohibited in the late 1800s, it was Masuda Tokubee Shoten that revived the old tradition in 1964 by recreating Nigori in a new and better way.


3. Sakaya Hachibei Yamahai Junmaishu Isenishiki / Alc.15%
Gensaka’s top sake made using self-grown sake rice and the traditional Yamahai brewing method. A complex, full-bodied and rich sake with earthy tones, it can be enjoyed in different temperatures.
Remarks: During the 2016 G7 Summit held in Ise, this sake was selected for the working lunch and offered to the leaders of each country. Also, this sake uses an ancient sake rice that was revived by this brewery.


4. Takasago Umeshu / Alc.12%
A special Ume-shu (Japanese plum sake) made out of Junmaishu infused with plums. It is a moderately sweet and balanced ume-shu, reminiscent of a desert wine.
Remarks: This Ume-Shu won the Silver prize in the sake category at the 2018 Japanese National Plum Sake Fair. After a year of infusing, they take out the plums, remove the pits, and put the rest back for another half year.


5. Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmaishu / Alc.15%
As one of the most popular sake out of the Mutsu Hassen brand, this one is loved by many. It’s hard to stop sipping this well-balanced sake.
Remarks: This microbrewery’s aim is to produce a modern sake that is delicious yet safe for the environment, by using local ingredients. They use 100% white koji, giving their sake a fresh, straight-from-the-brewery character.